In Whose Name?

SoCS badge 2015I’ve never posted to Stream of Consciousness Saturday before, but thought I would try this week, the prompt being the word “indescribable” (see ).

I woke early this morning and thought up a story that seemed a bit cloying and sentimental, but convinced myself I’d be able to sort it out after breakfast and coffee.  Then I switched on the news and decided I wouldn’t write a post.  It seemed inappropriate and unnecessary – what could be more inexplicable than that?  I sent a comment to that effect.  On reflection, being silenced means “they” win.  So, here’s a shorter, hopefully more appropriate post:

In Whose Name?

Paris, Friday 13 November, 2015.  Indescribable.  Inexplicable.  Insane.

JS Brand

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4 Responses to In Whose Name?

  1. Wonderful. Yes, we need to go on normally.


  2. Pavowski says:

    My sentiments exactly. To say nothing is to silently condone their actions.

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  3. LindaGHill says:

    Indeed. Thank you for posting, JS. The end of this madness starts with all of us.


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