That’s entertainment

This story was prompted by the picture below, posted at , for the seven days commencing 17 November 2015.  The photo was provided by Sonya, whose blog can be found at .


That’s entertainment  (105 words)

‘Keep it together till the show’s over.  Tail and beak, love, tail and beak.’

‘You just told me you’re going solo!’

‘Double acts are finished.  I can’t waste my life strutting round a garden centre.’

‘It’s an audience.’

‘Peasants.  They’re only here for the coffee shop.’

‘Here we go … “I could have had class.  I could have been somebody –”.’

‘Shut it, ham.  I’ve got a proper gig lined up.’


‘Yes, Quentin told me about this projected spin-off from the Kung Fu Panda series.  Says I’m a shoe-in for Shen’s body double.’

‘In the actual movie?’

‘Cinema foyer, but it’s real acting, love.’

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8 Responses to That’s entertainment

  1. LOL! Cute story! He wants to be a “real” actor and no more of the “garden” theatrics. I enjoyed this story. 🙂 Thank you for participating with the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge.


  2. Sonya says:

    Ha, a very enjoyable take on the prompt! Lovely dialogue 🙂


  3. Quentin is looking for peacocks. Interesting.


    • JS Brand says:

      I’ll confess i hadn’t thought of that angle. I saw Quentin as a conman taking introduction fees from naive actors whose aspirations outstripped their talents. But maybe there’s more to it. 100 more words please.


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