Lauren’s debut

This story was prompted by the picture below, at .  Photo provided and site facilitated by Al Forbes.

131 11 November 22nd 2015

Lauren’s debut (200 words)

‘The ambulance is coming,’ the driver told the prone cyclist.  ‘You just rode out, you know.’

She answered through gritted teeth, ‘I was rushing, to get to my first job.’

‘Oh, where?’

‘The Globe.  Should have been there 10 minutes ago.  With Yorick.’

‘You must be really talented, getting a job like yours.’  Even if you’re delirious.

‘Family business.  My dad’s a director.’

‘What’s your name?’ he asked.  Maybe she’d have access to celebrity lawyers.

‘Lauren,’ she answered.  He chose not to probe.  The accident wasn’t his fault, was it?  Better stick to small talk though.

‘Was your training tough?’

‘Not really, I’ve been into it since I was little.’

He looked at Lauren’s leg, twisted at an improbable angle.  He wasn’t superstitious, but had to ask, ‘Did anyone wish you good luck this morning?’


‘No reason,’ he murmured.

They both sighed with relief when the ambulance arrived and a paramedic knelt down to examine Lauren.

‘This is Lauren,’ the driver said. ‘She’s an actress.’

‘I’m a cycle courier,’ Lauren said, pointing to a parcel on the road, its hollow eye sockets staring out of the torn packaging. ‘Could we drop him off on our way to the hospital?’




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4 Responses to Lauren’s debut

  1. HAHAHA Assumptions. Now he’s going to be seen as the one not mentally in control 😉 Love it

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