My life is in that phone!

This story is a submission for Sunday Photo Fiction, hosted by Al Forbes.  It was prompted by his photo below.

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My life is in that phone!

An alien spaceship, close to Earth

“So, neutralising these communication devices is the key to conquering Earth?”

“Communication is a minor function, Commander.  Earthlings use them to send messages, but it’s mostly babble.  Millions amuse themselves by watching movies of cats.”


“Highly intelligent creatures, without opposable thumbs, but seemingly capable of influencing Earthlings through telepathy.”

“What else do Earthlings do with these devices?”

“They use them as memory aids, recording names, appointments and so on.  Some photograph themselves constantly, to remember what they’ve done.”

“They must have terrible memories.”

“The devices’ main function is to act as power packs.  Earthlings use them to recharge themselves.”

“I thought they ate food to provide calories.”

“They do, but we’ve observed Earthlings in eating places and food is a minor element.  They stare into their devices, ignoring each other, except to send texts across the table.”

“Do all Earthlings use them?”

“Most do, the ‘phonies’.  A few ‘primitives’ still talk face-to-face, even making conversation with family members while eating together.”

“We could overcome the phonies easily, then.  And the primitives?”

“Mostly older and frail. Easily bribed with cake.  Do we attack, Commander?”

“No, Kark.  I don’t like the sound of those cats.”


200 words

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6 Responses to My life is in that phone!

  1. JS Brand says:

    Thank you. I find cats far more scary than aliens!


  2. Haha I like that. The ‘phonies lol and bribing the older ones with cake. Haha brilliant.


  3. JS Brand says:

    Many thanks Al.


  4. James says:

    So the cats are plotting not only the end of humanity but any of our invaders, eh?


    • JS Brand says:

      I’m pretty sure that if the aliens had wiped out the cats’ current servants, it wouldn’t be long before they were doing the cats’ bidding themselves. It might take the aliens a few millennia to realise what had happened, of course.
      Thank you for reading.


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