Free to a good home – Pretty Little Thing

In 2015 I put out a novel, Pretty Little Thing, on Amazon, with the ASIN B0143LMDF6.  It will be available free this weekend, from Friday 12 to Sunday 14 May.

Adios with new lettering, title lifted copy

People have bought the book (REALLY!), but so far only one of them has posted a review.   She* gave it 4 stars and said very positive things, which I admit gave me a warm glow for a day or two.

Unfortunately I have no idea whether anyone else has actually read the book in whole or in part, or what they thought of it if they have.  If you have a gap to fill on your e-reader and the inclination to try a piece of crime fiction by an unknown writer, please take advantage of this one-time-only** offer.

If you download the book and read even part of it, I’d love to know what you think.  You can be as brutal as you like!

Yes, I’m needy.  More importantly, though, I’m trying to decide whether to leave the book on Amazon as it is, to give it a radical rewrite, or to kill it off in the way that someone did with the character in the title.

The book that I finished and published is very different from the one I’d written in my head.  If you’ve come here by way of a flash fiction blog or similar, you won’t need me to explain that phenomenon.  Plus you’ll probably understand why I’d benefit from some help in deciding whether I should give Pretty Little Thing some TLC or just let her go.

Thank you for looking.

JS Brand



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6 Responses to Free to a good home – Pretty Little Thing

  1. I’ll try to remember and get it.

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  2. So what did you decide to do abou your book? I’ll look for it on Amazon and see how it’s doing.


    • JS Brand says:

      Thank you for asking. The book’s still on Amazon, free over the weekend. A few were downloaded yesterday. I’m hoping to get some frank feedback in the weeks to come, which will help me decide what to do next. I could let Pretty Little Thing languish on Amazon, of course, but when I decided to write it, I thought the basic idea was a good one. I was never confident that I’d realised it as well as I should have – as I mentioned in the post,the end result was somewhat different from the book I’d had in my head.
      I have to decide whether to leave the book and move on, or try to inject new life into it.
      It might seem cheeky to ask other flash fictioneers to help me decide, but it’s such a friendly community, populated by people with the right knowledge and skills, that I thought it was worth asking.
      If you’re willing to take a look and tell it to me straight, I’d be really grateful. Please don’t feel under any pressure though.

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      • I can’t speak for the others, but I don’t find it cheeky. As you say, some here have the right knowledge and skills to help, if they have the time. A good pro editor can be worth their weight in gold, for helping improve writing skills.
        As to never being confident that you’ve realized it as well as you could have, I suspect that’s a universal sentiment among writers. One famous author said one time, “A book is never “finished”; it’s finally just abandoned. 🙂

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      • Had a “Look Inside” and could give you a few of my impressions. You probably don’t want them left here, so you can contact me at christinevanceg @ or at the e-mail address listed under my comment in your “Comments” box.

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