Nature or nurture?

This week, What Pegman Saw takes us to Cirque de Navacelles, suggested by yours truly. Thank you to K Rawson for posting Pegman each week and for accepting my suggestion.

I’ve opted for a picture of this chap in a natty jumper, giving the Google Maps driver a taste of his/her own medicine.  It hasn’t directly influenced the story though.

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Nature or nurture?

Never again, Jim thought.  OK, it was him who’d suggested taking their son and his family on holiday.  Still, they could have made more of an effort.

Ruth had supported the idea but, instead of joining them today, she’d gone shopping with Marie.   “You can bond with Jamie”, she’d said.

The precarious drive into Navacelles hadn’t been helped by Jamie’s frequent gasps or the worried looks he kept throwing at his children.

In the village Jamie had said, “Remind me why we’re here, Dad.”

“You loved it when you were little.  Remember?  We didn’t see any people, just tiny dogs.  I said the villagers turned into animals when strangers came.  You thought it was magical!”

“It’s full of tourists.  The kids would rather go swimming.”

Jim grunted and started the nerve-jangling drive back out of the crater.

Moments later, a small voice piped up, “Grandad, stop.  I saw a unicorn.”

150 words


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10 Responses to Nature or nurture?

  1. Oh! It iS magical, indeed. Delightful take on the prompt
    (“Remind me why we’re Dad.” This sentence seems to be missing a word or two.

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    • JS Brand says:

      Thank you Alicia. Cirque de Navacelles is an enchanting place. We visited some time ago and the people turning into dogs story came from that – we didn’t see any locals, just lots of small dogs. As we were leaving we met some builders but, as they were from out of town, the magic wasn’t spoiled (we were all grown-ups, by the way).
      Thank you for the early call on the missing word too – now put back, with an adjustment elsewhere to stay at 150 words exactly.


  2. jellico84 says:

    Love the last line! Magical indeed.

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    • JS Brand says:

      Thank you so much. Strangely, after posting the story I picked up my granddaughter from school and we played a word game in a book she’d brought. The word made via the correct answers was … unicorn! Coincidence? Or, in the words of Barry Manilow, could it be magic?

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  3. Dear JS,

    Delightful last line. That should restore Jim’s faith in magic. Lovely.



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  4. I loved that last line. Thanks for the location suggestion.


  5. JS Brand says:

    Thank you Rochelle. I’d like to think Jamie would rediscover his own inner child before the holiday was over too.


  6. k rawson says:

    Thanks for the location suggestion! Love the picture you snagged.

    Things are rarely as magical as we remember them, but that little story makes it easy to believe it could happen again.


  7. JS Brand says:

    You’re welcome Karen. I’m new to Pegman, but can now see what a great way it is to deliver prompts.
    Thank you for bringing Pegman to life.


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