The walker in the banner picture isn’t me, but it’s appropriate for me to use it, because I feel I’ve provided more than enough good intentions to have paved the long road he’s treading.  

I first thought I could be a writer when I was ten years old and started to draft a spoof spy novel, which I read to my classmates in instalments. To my shame I put the manuscript to one side when I moved to another school, and forgot about writing fiction for more decades than I care to admit.

Once I’d retired I should have had no excuse not to write again, but I found it really hard to pin myself to a desk. Even so, in 2015 I managed to finish a novel, Pretty Little Thing, which is available as an e-book on Amazon.  Please see my Writing page for more details.

Adios with new lettering, title lifted copy

After publishing the book, I became mildly hooked on writing flash fiction, as well as producing outlines for numerous short stories and at least three novels.  Having finally settled on a novel that I planned to finish, I got bogged down in research.  In January 2016 I decided to forget about writing for the time being and focus on more down-to-earth things that I might actually finish (with mostly positive results).

As of now, I’m planning to start writing again, but time will tell.

The walker in the photos is a good friend, so I suppose I owe it to him not to produce sufficient good intentions to take the road to its proverbial end.

Thank you for looking.

JS Brand

April 2017


2 Responses to About

  1. ceayr says:

    I now cannot get an ancient song out of my mind. Keep Right on to the End of the Road was written by Sir Harry Lauder after the death of his son in World War 1, and if I have to endure it then why shouldn’t you? Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    • JS Brand says:

      Sorry about that.
      As it happens I’ve been on a longish walk with the same friend today (I have more than one, honest).
      This was only the second occasion when we haven’t got lost on a walk. Normally we do and we end up roamin’ in the gloamin’. If you find that going round your head now, please ignore any lyrics of a romantic nature. On oor walks there’s strictly nae winchin’!


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