This page should really be entitled Not Writing because, after a short spell of activity in the last quarter of 2015, I committed myself to a digital detox for two weeks.  I wrote one flash fiction story afterwards, but realised almost immediately that I’d lost my mojo.  I haven’t written a thing since (but my house is better decorated and I have a tidier garden).

Before the drought struck I self-published a novel, Pretty Little Thing, which can be found on Amazon, with the ASIN B0143LMDF6.  It’s available on all Amazon sites, but the link below is for Amazon.com, where you can see the only reader’s review that’s been uploaded so far (4 stars):


I plan to pick up writing again and sincerely hope that I will have something meaningful to report before 2017 draws to a close.

Thank you for looking.


JS Brand

Adios with new lettering, title lifted copy